January 4, 2024

The Indigenous Peoples Task Force supports the right of each and every human being to have safe, affordable housing.  We also support the closure of the Nenookaasi Encampment located adjacent to our Manidoowahdak Odena  housing complex. We support City, County, State and Federal leadership providing more resources to providing housing to people.

As neighbors of the current camp, we have several concerns. As the aerial photos of the site show, the camp houses many people in a very small space next to our housing complex and other housing. We are aware of the over 100 police reports, including sexual assault, human trafficking, other violence and drug trafficking. We are concerned about the fires burning within feet of residential buildings, including buildings clad in cedar. We have had vandalism including our vehicle being drilled to access fuel.  We also wish to uplift the voices of community residents who feel the stress day to day of living next to an encampment and all of the issues and predatory behaviors that come along with it. Their voices are seldom heard and we wish to support our residents as well as our community neighbors who are afraid to speak out for fear of retaliation.

We understand that the City is considering a resolution to regulate and provide services to camps for unsheltered homeless people on City property. We ask that in the course of developing any such policy that neighbors be consulted in a meaningful way and that guidelines are developed regarding safety and population density within any proposed camp and the surrounding neighborhood. 

Artist rendering of the future Mikwanedun Audisookon building, a center for culture, art, and wellness.

And, we have an agreement with the City to build a wellness and arts facility on this lot and we wish  to proceed with our plans to do so on this site. Further delays increase the construction costs for IPTF. We urge city, county and state officials to increase housing for our relatives as well as program funding for drug prevention among our youth.

For questions call Sharon M. Day,

Executive Director  @ 651-325-8077

Sharon M. Day