Ikidowin Peer Education Program and Youth Theater Acting Ensemble

Our Repertory

In My Shoes

There are silent struggles all around – will you listen? Watch now.

We Do It For The Water

Stories of the Indigenous struggle to protect the water from Camp Coldwater to Standing Rock. View trailer.

Host a Live Performance

If you’d like to host a live performance of one of our plays in your community, please contact bskirby66@gmail.com or brennaa@indigenouspeoplestf.org

Our Programming

The program incorporates sexual health and healthy information with theater, creating an innovative form of peer-education. The Ikidowin youth (12-18 years old) are given the knowledge and skills needed to protect their own health and provide accurate and important sexual health knowledge to their peers. All information is both scientific and culturally relevant to Indigenous youth.

It is important for youth to have a full understanding of topics that they are sharing about, so they receive an intensive and comprehensive sexual health education and training in peer education. Topics they learn about include: puberty, human anatomy and reproduction, health relationships, consent, sexually transmitted infections, contraceptives and so much more. The youth are able to comfortably present this information on a stage as well as talk about it to others off stage as well.

Incorporating the educational piece on healthy relationships, sexual health, and consent through theater, allows the youth to present this information to their peers in an innovative way. Theater or story telling is an age-old method of knowledge transfer in the Indigenous community and today is an outlet for youth to express themselves creatively while also spreading awareness and education on important topics. They cover many different topics that are important for all youth to know. These experiences help our ensemble members develop leadership skills, oral communication skills, creative problem-solving abilities while encouraging responsibility, motivation and commitment.