IPTF Group Picture from the 20th Anniversary

The Indigenous Peoples Task Force strengthens the wellness of our community in a way that is based in indigenous values and ways of knowing.

We were founded in 1987 to develop and implement culturally appropriate HIV education and direct services to the Native community in Minnesota. We know our community will not be completely well until all people have restored their relationships with each other and the earth. Our comprehensive approach defies categorization and includes:

Helping people live well with HIV and preventing further transmission of HIV

We provide housing and case management support to people living with HIV. We provide HIV testing and participate in needle exchange programs.

Using cultural arts to support our youth

We use theater and visual arts infuse our youth suicide prevention and teen pregnancy prevention programs. We train youth to be peer educators and the Ikidowin Youth Theater Ensemble performs throughout the region, even nationally.

Returning to first medicines

We connect people to the indigenous healing traditions that have been passed down through generations. Our tobacco cessation program focuses on honoring Asemma as a sacred plant to be used in a sacred manner. Through our Teaching Garden we teach about gathering our sacred medicines, growing traditional foods and restoring our language. The Indigi-Baby social enterprise program seeks to grow, gather and source indigenous plants to feed infants and toddlers native based foods.

Healing all of life by healing the water

We sponsor Nibi (water) Walks , indigenous-led, extended ceremonies to pray for the water.

Creating an urban sanctuary where body, mind, and spirit can become whole

Our new building will be called Mikwanedun Audisookon which means “remember our teachings” in Ojibwe. It will include office, training and education, workshop/studio, theater, gallery and community spaces.

All our programs are rooted in indigenous ways of knowing and the values of inclusiveness and respect for diversity. We welcome youth and adults of all backgrounds and are dedicated to being a good neighbor to our community. We are creating a vision of healing that will benefit all people and our mother earth.

Board of Directors

  • Susan Allen, Chairperson
    Susan is Ojibwe/Lakota and an attorney at law and retired from the
  • Don Crofut, Secretary Treasurer
    Don is Muscogee Creek and the President of Shakopee Prior Lake Credit Union
  • Karen Clark, Director
    Karen is a retired state representative for the Minnnesota House, formerly representing the Phillips Neighborhood.
  • Kelley Lindquist
  • Misha Loeffler
    Misha is Ojibwe and is the Cancer Equity Coordinator for the American Indian Cancer Foundation
  • Dr. Anthony Stately
    Dr. Stately is Ojibwe/Oneida and the CEO of the Native American Community Clinic