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Indigenous People’s Task Force
1335 E 23rd Street
Minneapolis, MN 55404
Main (612) 870-1723
Fax (612) 729-9373
email: iptf@indigenouspeoplestf.org

For HIV Testing Call (612) 463-6502

Media Inquiries:
For all media requests, press visits, and interviews with Sharon M Day or the staff at the Indigenous Peoples Task Force, please contact Sharon M Day directly at 651-325-8077.


Sharon Day

Executive Director
Cell: (651) 325-8077
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Sharon’s bio

Mikwanedun Audisookon Center

Mike Neumann

Mikwanedun Audisookin Project Coordinator & Agroecology Coordinator
Office: (612) 722-5670
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HIV Programs

  • HIV Testing
  • Benefits Counseling
  • Medical HIV Case Management
  • Non-Medical HIV Case Management
  • Sexual Health Education
  • Harm Reduction Needle Exchange
  • NARCAN Training

Calvin Hylton

HIV Program Manager
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Elizabeth Meza

Peer Recovery Support Specialist
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Clinical Quality & Data Specialist

Melissa Kirby

Harm Reduction Counselor
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Emma Sherman

Sexual Health Educator

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Ellen Roelofs

HIV Medical Case Manager
(612) 889-4636
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Deon Kirby

Community Engagement Coordinator
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Avonne Winston

Housing Stability Specialist

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Indigi-Baby and Food Sovereignty Program

Photo of S Nash

Suzanne Nash

Indigi-Baby and Food Sovereignty Program Manager
Cell: (612) 205-5472
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Headshot of Nicole Christian

Nicole Christian

Farm Site Manager

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Payton Counts

Evaluation and Data Collection Coordinator

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Mike Neumann

Agroecology Coordinator
Office: (612) 722-5670
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Ben Weaver

Program Assistant

Nathan Berglund

Indigi-Baby Farm & Market Associate
Cell: (507) 722-9944
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Youth Programs

  • Keep the Fire Alive
  • Waybinagay Tobacco Prevention
  • Vaping and E-Cigarette Prevention
  • Ikidowin Youth Theater Ensemble
  • Health Field Internship Program

Brenna Depies

Youth Programs Manager
Office: (612) 722-5670
Cell: (612) 227-8829
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Photo of S Nash

Suzanne Nash

Tobacco & E-Cigs Prevention Programs Manager
Cell: (612) 205-5472
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Curtis Kirby

Program Assistant/Theater Director
Cell: (612) 270-1629
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Jennifer Cortes

Theater Assistant

Janet Sanchez

Youth Assistant