2023 Year in Review

Annual Report

At Indigenous Peoples Task Force we are proud to use a culturally-based, comprehensive approach to strengthening the wellness of our community. That means that as an organization we defy categorization; we provide social services, offer arts programming, run a farm and so much more.

You might know about a few parts of our work, […]

We support safe and affordable housing and are building a center for community wellness.

January 4, 2024

The Indigenous Peoples Task Force supports the right of each and every human being to have safe, affordable housing.  We also support the closure of the Nenookaasi Encampment located adjacent to our Manidoowahdak Odena  housing complex. We support City, County, State and Federal leadership providing more resources to providing housing to people.

As neighbors […]

Winter 2009: Boozhoo, Hola, Greetings!

Interested in working for the Indigenous Peoples Task Force (IPTF)? See our job openings here, updated January 2009.
Join us for the fourth annual Connecting Our Lifeways: Traditional Tobacco Use and Contemporary Abuse conference

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It’s a cold day here in the northland. My new […]

Spring 2008: Boozhoo, Hola, Greetings!

It’s springtime here in the north country.  Our asehmaa/tobacco seeds have been planted with folks from Mille Lacs, White Earth, Fond du Lac, Bois Forte, Lower Sioux, and a number of Native programs representing the Twin Cities.  My plants are sticking their heads out of the soil, and growing every dayin the little green […]

Boozhoo, Hola, Greetings!

The Light of Day
Maybe you’ve heard of Two-Spirits, and if you have, you might think you know them. They are indigenous people who have been blessed with not one, but two souls: one female and one male. That extra self lends them ancient insight, according to traditional belief. This cosmic wisdom, naturally, leads them […]