Minnesota Native American Council on Tobacco (MNACT)

Toolkit of Resources

To ensure the health and well-being for the next Seven Generations throughout Minnesota’s Native communities. MNACT supports efforts in awareness, education, prevention, research, policy and culturally appropriate services, by eliminating commercial tobacco abuse while advocating traditional tobacco use.


  • Articles and Press Releases
    Sample articles and press releases for tobacco programs to use for community education.
  • Cessation Resources
    A list of tribal cessation programs in Minnesota along with useful resources to get a new cessation program off the ground, or to enhance an existing program.
  • Policy Examples
    A list of smoke-free policies, tribal ordinances, and draft resolutions to help you create your own within your community.
  • Campaigns
    Campaigns are coordinated efforts to promote traditional use of asemaa, increase awareness, and promote health and balance in our communities.
  • Statements and Proposals
    Examples of existing documents to help you draft your own statements and proposals.
  • Images and Imagery
    A small library of culturally specific images, including posters, stickers, and logos. Programs may download these images and modify them to suit their own needs.
  • Survey Examples
    Information to assist communities with the limited prevalence studies in Minnesota.
  • Traditional Use of Asemaa
    Materials to support this hypothesis: If we understand the significance of traditional tobacco, we will reduce our use of commercial tobacco.
  • Native Youth Involvement
    Materials to help engage native youth in the sacred use of tobacco and community building activities.

Contributing MNACT Members and Organizations:

Ain Dah Yung, Division of Indian Works, Elders Lodge, KFAI Public Radio, Lower Sioux Community, Mnjikaning First Nation, Minnesota Native American Council on Tobacco, National Tribal Tobacco Prevention Network, Native American Community Clinic, Native Fusion, The Circle Newspaper, University of Minnesota, White Earth Community