We need your help!
We have a goal to increase Native youth leadership & community awareness for suicide prevention.
To do this the Keep the Fire Alive program is hosting an Art Contest to create posters/T-shirts that let everyone know (one of the following):
  • You are not alone,
  • There are resources to help you in tough times,
  • The warning signs for suicide.
  • Sources of Strength: Family, Positive Activities, Positive Friends, Culture, Generosity, Forgiveness, Mental Health Access, Caring Adults
This is a contest that has cash prizes! Return by: November 30th, 2018.
Here is how to participate:
1) Eligible participants: Native youth between 10 – 24 years old.
2) Complete the Art Contest worksheet to identify your target audience.
3) Create!
a. Your art might be a drawing, a painting, a poem, a cartoon, a photo or something else!
b. It is important that your art does not have images of weapons, graphic images, or ways to die.
4)And make sure you provide contact
information for us to reach you!
5)Turn in your Art Contest folder with your art entry (maybe more than one!) and your Art Contest Worksheet.
a.Return to Indigenous Peoples Task
Force 1335 E 23rd St, Minneapolis, MN 55404.
b. Inbox on FB: Ikidowin IPTF for more info/questions.
6)We will contact winners December 1st
Need to talk?
Call: The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or Text: Hello to 741-741