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HIV Brochure

HIV Brochure

IPTF offers FREE HIV Rapid testing at our Main Office and the Housing Community Center during normal business hours. Pre and Post Test Counseling and Referrals are provided along with Incentives. Call 1-877-319-8246 to schedule HIV testing in greater Minnesota.

What to expect when you come in and get an HIV test

  • The Client will be welcomed when they arrive
  • A staff member will have the client sign in and take a seat
  • One of the testers will then call the clients first name and take them to the testing area
  • The tester will introduce their selves to the client.


What questions will be asked of the Client.

  • What brings you in today?
  • How are you going to react if the test is Positive or Re-active?
  • What have your Risk behaviors’ been in the past 12 months?


What forms will the client be asked to fill out or answer to?

  • Consent Form, this is a form that all clients need to read and signed before the test can be completed. The client is signing the consent to allow permission to perform the test.
  • Tester will need to fill out a form that will only have your date of birth, zip code, state you were born in, race, ethnicity, gender, have you ever been tested before, the outcome of the test and what month and year was your last test.


The tester will then explain how the test is done?

  • The tester will do a finger prick to draw the blood; they will wipe the first drop off and then take the second drop for the test.
  • The blood vial will then be placed into the test kit. This will then take 15/20 minutes to run the blood sample.
  • While the test is running the tester will ask a few personal questions that are asked with all clients.


Your results are now ready to read.

  • Re-active or Positive (the client has been infected by the HIV virus)
  • Non- Re-active or Negative (the client does not show any virus at this time)
  • Depending on the status tester will then refer the client to the proper resources.


HIV: It’s Your Move!