Indigenous Peoples Task Force is located in the heart of the Phillips neighborhood. All of our neighbors are very impacted by both the recent rioting and chronic racial disparities. We must rebuild many essential services in our community.

This is an opportunity to build the community we want. At this crucial moment for our community healing, we are writing to humbly ask for your help in building our new building which will be a center for art and wellness. The Mikwanedun Audisookon Center will continue the healing traditions that have been passed down through the generations, providing an urban sanctuary where body, mind, and spirit can become whole through time-honored indigenous culture and practice.

Please help us advocate for funding for our building project as part of the bonding bill during the special legislative session. This bill was passed by the house but stalled in the Senate.

We would be grateful if you would contact one friend or family member and ask them to call their Senator in support of including the Indigenous Peoples Task Force in the bonding bill. We need support from both parties, with support from Republicans a particular challenge. Is there someone who know in the suburbs or greater Minnesota who can call in support? The special session begins Friday, June 12 – please reach out today!

The Indigenous Peoples Task Force has over thirty years experience providing direct service in our neighborhood. We help many people meet their immediate needs and provide harm reduction services. What keeps us inspired and makes our work so unique is that we also have many innovative programs that restore and renew our relationships with each other and the environment. Though IPTF programs are based in Native values and ways of knowing, they are open to youth and adults of all backgrounds. We are dedicated to improving community safety, economic stability and relationships in the Phillips neighborhood.


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