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Native CHAT: Ikidowin Peer Education Program

The Four Directions : HandprintsIkidowin is a youth prevention program created to Curb HIV/AIDS Transmission among adolescents in the Native American community. Native CHAT uses a culturally specific Peer Education Curriculum that covers topics Native American youth are facing including HIV/AIDS prevention. CHAT assists the youth in developing pro-prevention themed messages using Videos, Posters and Public Service Announcements, then distributing them through social networks such as Myspace, Facebook and YouTube to reach their peers, family and acquaintances. CHAT is a 12 week program that meets twice a week. Youth earn a pre-paid cell phone as well as gift cards for participating in the program. There is an onsite computer lab that is accessible to youth and CHAT helps youth access community resources such as Teen Age Medical Services, Native American Community Clinic and In-Progress. 

Native CHAT Film Festival is a one-day event where films created by Native Youth of Minnesota will be screened.

First time filmmakers welcome! Youth 7th-12th grade are eligible.  There is no entry fee.The submitted films will be an opportunity for Native youth to share their perspective on important issues: HIV/AIDS, culture & health, and alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. To be eligible films must have been created after March 15, 2012.
Films must be between 2 and 13 minutes in length. CASH PRIZES!!!

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You can submit entries on-line at

For questions call Native CHAT 612.722.5670


Native CHAT interviewed by KFAI Radio



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